Put Away vs. Divorce Discussion 1

RW This is evidence that Jewish men are still not giving the certificate of divorce even when there is no marriage left and the woman desperately wants it.

BL What they do has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus, and Paul.

RW What they are doing is what they have been doing for centuries. And it is the problem Jesus was dealing with--the men not giving the divorce certificate, but merely putting away.

CE It is a heart problem back and still is now.

RW Yep, there were hard hearts then and there are now.

LJ It is a sin against God to divorce. Genesis 2 identifies the husband and wife as "one flesh". Every lawfully married couple has the same status now, that Adam and Eve had in the garden. Every wife may as well had been made from her husband's own rib; because that is how much "one flesh" God sees them. Every single lawfully married couple has this status. That is how much God respects those that are lawfully married.

RW If what you say is true then God sinned when he divorced israel. But since that fact conflicts with your doctrine, which you seem bound and determined to defend, you have to deny the fact or ignore it.

LJ God is not a physical individual human man. Israel is not an individual human literal woman. The divorce there in Jeremiah is using what they were familiar with under the OT law to present a message. Analogy is used to point out specifically determined points that are being highlighted. God's broken heart and anger are identified by the analogy.

When Jesus uses analogy of war to highlight the point of what a Christian must be ready to face; can we use what the analogy is LITERALLY derived from and then justify actual flesh and blood war? So likewise, the argument that the LITERAL thing God is using to get across a message cannot be defined by the analogy itself. Otherwise we could justify polygamy, because in Ezekiel God uses the analogous concept of him having two wives to express a similar heartbreak story as we see in Jeremiah.

God divorcing Israel analogously in Jeremiah is completely inappropriate to arrive at the actual NT truth on the literal topic of divorce and remarriage. Jesus revealed the absolute truth on the topic for us under the new covenant.

The level of ignorance among Christians on some of these most basic Christian principles is just shocking.

RW The lesson is there to those who will hear.

LJ But you are not being transparent with your assumptions. Once you can get your assumptions out on the table, transparent for all to see, then you may be able to see how silly they are. We all make assumptions. Assumptions are necessary. But they must be correct and actually fit with the actual texts we are dealing with.You seem to be evading my questions concerning the last clauses in Matt 5:32; 19:9 and Luke 16:18. Your assumptions force you to deny the literal meaning of those last clauses. Your assumptions therefore are incorrect.