Billie and Steve's Testimony of Repentance From Remarriage Adultery

Steve and I had been happily married for three and a half years from December 2010 to June 2014. We have both been married before and have living covenant spouses. We were both Christians and even though we had read that Jesus said in Matthew 19, Mark 10 and Luke 16 that remarriage is adultery, somehow at the time we married we were blind and deaf to what Jesus was saying to us. During our short marriage we both wanted to follow Jesus as closely as we could. We believed the false teaching from the new apostolic reformation and had a lot of deception. It puffs up and teaches elitism, saying that we are the overcomers and belong to the remnant that is going to be given authority to change many things on earth before Jesus comes back. This led to a lack of humility. Jesus wants us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, humble ourselves and have a broken and contrite heart. Through daily studying of the scriptures and praying and praising God, He was able to start revealing truth to us.

One day as I was chatting and walking with a friend, she said to me that the night before she had prayed for me and asked God if Steve and I were really married. As soon as she said this I felt like I had been hit with the truth that we were not really married. I went home and prayed and knew I must ring another friend. When I told her I didnt think we were really married, she said she already knew that and to go to her so we could read the Bible passages concerning this. After that I returned home and told Steve what had happened. By now I was fully convinced because I could see it clearly in the Bible, but Steve was shocked and upset and immediately said we must go to our pastors. We met with them and explained all this and they told us that I was deceived and we are married. They said I was wanting to dispose of my marriage to have sex with another man. We went home very upset and Steve also believed I was deceived and I hadn't heard from God. I knew this was the truth and I set out to prove it through the word. I stumbled across David Pawson's teaching on remarriage is adultery and asked Steve to listen. I watched him as he listened and literally saw him realise that I was right and we were still married to our covenant spouses.

Then God did a wonderful miracle which made the next few days and weeks much easier. Our yolk became easy and our burden light! God made us both feel like we are brother and sister. Two years on its still the same. We meet up once a week for an hour and speak regularly on the phone and are in the same fellowship and prayed group. Our obedience has been rewarded times over.

Within two weeks we had found a house for Steve to move into and while he went to work full-time I set up his home for him and did all the administration such as insurance, rental contracts, change of address etc. We filed for divorce immediately and because we both agreed it was all done within six months.

It hasn't been easy in many ways because we had to leave our church because they didn't agree with us and we have lost other Christian friends outside of the church who want to steer clear of us and our testimony because they are in adulterous remarriages and are not prepared to give them up. However we have never looked back with regret as we have had more and more confirmation of us being in Gods will regarding not being in adultery anymore. We have gone on to meet many more with similar testimonies, through Del Whaley on face book who tirelessly travels the states teaching this truth to save souls from hell, most of which don't know that in their remarriages they are in a state of unrepentant adultery. I believe that Satan has blinded the eyes of many believers and those of us who now know the truth and have left our adulterous remarriages are targeted by the enemy, so he can try and stop us revealing the truth to the brethren. This is why sites like this one and Facebook pages such as Del Whaley are such a blessing so that we can edify and encourage one another and share our testimonies.