With Remarriage, You Can’t Unscramble Eggs

I can tell you that this is true for I have been there and God does take the bitter and turn it into sweet.. We cannot unsramble eggs.. But God can make the best eggs out of our scrambling.

I find that “you can’t unscramble eggs” comment VERY ironic. I have questioned a couple ministries about it (including Pastor MacArthur’s) and they can’t answer this question:

If you can’t unscramble what God did NOT put together, how can one unscramble what God DID join together?

God can unscramble a first marriage if both parties are agreeable.

Can you provide scripture to this effect? Does agreement in doing something make God’s Word null and void? If a married couple agree to a swapping arrangement, is it not adultery to God, because they are in agreement to do such a thing?

In the same vein, if one of the persons is “standing” for their marriage to be restored AFTER the other marries again (commits adultery), they are NOT in agreement. Is the first marriage “unscrambled”, and does God then join the second? Many things to think about that MacArthur does not properly/bibically address in his teachings on this issue………

I listened to hours of preaching. I looked and looked and all I found was, “You can’t unscramble eggs.” Disappointing to say the least. They also were of the ‘repent-but-stay-in-the-current-marriage’ position and I could have just fallen over.
“Well you’re already married and now you’re both saved and you can’t unscramble eggs so just make the best of it and honor these vows..”
“Honor THESE vows to this second (third, fourth, fifth) partner. Keep THIS promise you made to THIS person you’re with now.”

That “can’t unscramble the eggs” thing drives me crazy. When my hubby and I came to understand God’s Word/heart on marriage and started contacting some of the “bigger” ministries (Piper, Rogers, McArthur, etc) we kept hearing this. My husband would say, “how can man UNSCRAMBLE the eggs GOD scrambled, but they CANT unscramble the eggs MAN scrambled???

Recently when someone wrote me about this issue, I believe the Lord expanded that: While I was writing him back, the thought of “chunks of ham” came into my mind. So I wrote that. Using the scrambled egg analogy it goes like this: when a man and woman are FREE to be joined by God as one flesh, He “scrambles” them together—so completely you could NEVER separate the two again. Impossible. Only He can do it. Now when we disobey and divorce/remarry, it is akin to throwing in chunks of ham(the 3rd party/a FOREIGN OBJECT) into GOD’s scrambled eggs. That is MAN’S doing, not God’s. It doesn’t take “unscrambling” to remove the chunks of ham that “defiled” the pure scrambled eggs. You just pull them out from the eggs. The thing is this: the “ham” CAN be removed, but it will leave some “flavor”, so the eggs now will never be EXACTLY like they were in their “pure” form—the form GOD intended.