Are Remarriages Blessed By God?

Christ in Matthew 19.9, and God thru Moses — Deut. 24. 1-4 had to address some issues that were outside the norm. So, that’s the reason we use the scriptures as guide… and ask Humbly for wisdom to discern the other cases. Again, i say. Don’t be mechanical in your interpretation/study of scripture. I USE TO do that: SEEK for scripture to back something I already preconceived. I must say, that 2 yrs ago and for most of my life I use to believe the same. But, after watching several Holy Ghost filled believers, divorced and remarried for over 23 yrs some of them, live very powerful and admirable lives, I was forced to really study the Scriptures more carefully. Also, having experienced some shameful things myself… I took it on myself to try looking it things from another perspective and search more diligently. To answer your question, if you’re committing adultery you’re in sin. However, you and I seem to differ in this. I like how Christ did not ask the Woman at the Well to return to her FIRST, or Former husband. He knew, that she understand that the law did not permit that. however, in regards to homosexuality, you’re NOT permitted or allowed to LIVE in as….the very word says he made them MALE AND FEMALE…to. you’re comparing apples with peanuts….there not even in the same category besides being a produce.

I used to see as you did—until the Lord lead me through His Word. I find it interesting and very telling that you changed your stance due to “outside influences”—ie; remarriages that you esteemed as “Godly”. It seems to me that you allowed circumstance to cause you to go back to the Word to answer why you were seeing what you saw……..instead of allowing the Word to lead you to judgment of what is right/wrong in the sight of God.

I have spoken with others who say things like “I know what God’s Word says, but it can’t really mean that. I know so and so and they are such a Godly couple. You can’t mean to tell me that they are in sin before the Lord. It appears that the Lord is blessing them abundantly. Look at all the good they are doing!”

Now tell me truthfully, is that looking at a situation through the eyes of the Lord or through our human reasoning? We are told to judge righteous judgment. How do we do that? Do we look at the outward appearance of a situation and deem it “good” or “bad” or do we go to the Lord’s Word and rest on what HE has told us is sin/not sin?

My understanding is not mechanical, though I know you want to believe this. The Lord, I believe, has allowed me to see a GLIMPSE of not only the nature of marriage as He has ordained it, but also the reasons WHY He has created marriage to be used in a particular fashion—and it isn’t for our “flesh” sake I can tell you. Matter of fact, those who live for Christ, loving their spouse as Christ loves the Church will have tribulations/troubles in this life…………some will have great troubles and loneliness in this life as married persons…… following the Lord is not an easy path. The flesh will have to be put down in favor of being HEAVENLY minded towards ones spouse—-to honor the Lord.

To me, casting aside and taking to oneself another is all FLESH. To me, it has nothing to do with the Spirit of the law…….many who do such using scripture to justify are the very ones who are trying to live the letter of the law. Someone walking in the Spirit of the Law (allowing Christ to reign in our members) would not cast aside a spouse—- trying to use a supposed “exception” clause to do so. As Christ intercedes for those in HIS body, the spouse is to intercede for the one who is “one flesh” with them. I’m really flabbergasted that anyone could ever think this was a “legalistic” approach to loving our Lord or others.

Biblical Silence doesn’t permit you to create doctrine.

The Bible is certainly not silent on remarriages after divorce while one already has a living spouse. Jesus said much as did Paul.

If you want to find couples, just look around. There are plenty of blessed 2nd marriages that bring great honor to God and are wonderful examples to children of what God intended. I challenge you to tell me about a couple who has been married, divorced their second spouse and family then returned to the first and are getting along quite well now. Show me that one in the Bible!

I can show you repentance from adultery in the Word of God……………Gomer is a perfect example of such, as is the woman caught in adultery. As for leaving unlawful marriages, that too is found in scripture: Ezra 9-10, and you will also find David taking back his lawful wife (Michal) from her second husband. You will also find John the Baptist rebuking Herod for being with his brother’s wife (they were in a remarriage). You will also find God rebuking and rejecting the man’s offerings who has put away his covenant wife and taken another (Malachi 2). Scripture is far from silent on this issue…………..

I have seen 2nd marriages that have been blessed. If one of these couples divorced (and it would be painful) and said that God told them to so that they could return to the ones that had been mistreating them, unbelievers around them would think God was vindictive and cruel. Any children who have come to know that couple as adults would also be hurt. Unbelievers would then use this example to show that God was a harsh God.

That can’t be what sways us one way or the other. The truth is that God calls us to endure many HARD things in following Him that the “lost” do not think fair. Yes, God is a LOVING God, but He is also a God that will judge all of mankind……….and many think His eternal judgments are “unfair”……… we then change the gospel to suit those who do not want a God that is a judger of mankind?

Thanks for the response to my question about remarriage and divorce, but this leads me then to another question. Jesus stated that if a person were to divorce and remarry they are committing adultery. The bible also says that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God, so why do people who are on their 2nd or 3rd or whatever # marriage after the first, are being used by God in mighty ways? I know this is not true of all, but God does work and speak in and through them as they serve Him in their local church body. There would seem to be some deception here or this position is not as black and white as we would believe it to be. If remarriage after divorce is causing a person to be in sin, adultery, and the adulterer will not inherit the kingdom of God, why does God use this person, willfully living in this sin, in ministry? I know we don’t deserve God grace, but why does He apparently circumnavigate around this issue causing the person to believe they are doing right? The bible is clear that if we are Gods children, we are loved and disciplined by the Lord, our Father. Are we truly understanding God’s point of view on this issue?

Let me ask you this: do you believe all the name it claim it, prosperity gospel, healing ministers (who rake in millions of dollars per year for personal use) are truly born again believers walking in TRUTH? Do you believe that the GENUINE conversions that come forth from their ministries are a result of these persons or as a result of God’s Word doing a work and not returning void? Do you believe that God can and does use people who are walking in deception (unknowingly and willfully) to minister to others and bring them to the knowledge of HIM?