Brett - Seven Years of Adultery

My name is Brett Hancock and live on the east coast of central Florida.While studying at the University of Central Florida, I was met by some Christians in 1996, studied the Bible, and became a Christian. I went to work for the church, left my college education to do what I thought was God's calling. After 9 months of sincerely trying, I was fired by a very harsh church staff. Within one year, having believed what we were led to believe, and that is if you leave that church organization, you are leaving God, I left the church and God.

So at that time, in late 1999, I gradually plummeted back into my old life of night clubbing and immorality. In 2004, I was married, feeling I needed to get out of that life style; besides, she was a good woman. I was married from 2004 to 2011 to a woman twice married before me. We never spoke about God or attended church. We just tried to live a good life, raising her 16 year daughter at that time. By 2009, finding myself in the pig pen of sin, and broken about my sin, I cried out vehemently to God for his forgiveness and reconciliation. Then going hard after God to please Him, I studied God's word zealously, and within a couple years became certain I was living in adultery. I then knew what I had to do. REPENT



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