Repentance from remarriage adultery – Larry Yeatts

Dear Cheryl,

I came across your letter on Chuck Crismier’s program and it had such an impact on me that I had to put your letter on my web-site.

In February, 2011 I repented of an adulterous marriage I had been in for 31 years, I left that wife I dearly loved. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it was hard for the Holy Spirit to convince me, He finally had to uncover satanism among my wife’s Pentecostal heroes, which she had put ahead me. I discovered this information quite by accident, then when I tried to show her what I had found, I instantly became the enemy.

Along the way the Holy Spirit led me to scripture that said I was living in ongoing adultery. I had found Myron Horst’s site along with others. The Holy Spirit showed me this was correct but after the terror set in, I began to look for affirmative teaching that
said I could go on in my marriage, I felt relief even though, down deep I think I knew I was in adultery and knew what I had to do, I had to leave.

This procrastination went on for over a year while the fallout from the church satanism thing kept growing larger, I had to save her form these wolves but she would have none of it and I was not worthy of being the head of the home, the Pentecostal church was. Finally the pride and arrogance I was having to endure became more than I could take, so I left.

At 64 years old and in bad health, I left that wife I loved more than myself and moved into a low-income, old-folks apartment complex. After moving and settling in, the Holy Spirit showed me that it had taken the satanism thing to get me to do what was required of me to come into line with God,s word. I was not living in adultery any more and neither was my wife, we both had previous spouses living.

Thank you for standing courageously for God’s Word
Larry Yeatts