Why I Repented of a Marriage God Called Adulterous

Welcome to Why I Repented of a Marriage God Called Adulterous, a study and testimony site about divorce and remarriage. Here you will find testimonies of those who have repented of remarriage adultery.

Jesus called a marriage after a divorce, adultery. Adultery is NOT lawful. Adultery means you are having unlawful relations with another person’s spouse. You cannot be “lawfully” married and committing adultery at the same time. Remarriage adultery by definition is no different than extra-marital adultery, yet has somehow been embraced by the church as a different type of adultery that requires no repentance.

We hope cadz.net will be a blessing to those who are convicted and wishing to leave their adultery. We wish to be a source of support and encouragement for those standing for their first marriages as well as those who are leaving adulterous unions. We also wish to be a source of study and answers for those who have questions about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

cadz.net is maintained by CherylD with FAQ dialog responses by CindyW and some contributions by others. We come from a diversity of denominational backgrounds and believe in the permanency of marriage. cadz.net is non-denominational.

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