Why I Repented of a Marriage God Called Adulterous

Welcome to Why I Repented of a Marriage God Called Adulterous, a platform dedicated to the study and personal testimonies surrounding the topic of divorce and remarriage. Here, you'll discover accounts of individuals who have experienced a transformation in their lives, leading them to repentance from remarriage adultery

According to the teachings of Jesus, a marriage following a divorce is deemed adulterous. Adultery refers to engaging in an illegitimate relationship with someone who is already married to another. Simultaneously being in a "lawful" marriage and committing adultery is inherently contradictory. Remarkably, the church has, in large part, accepted remarriage adultery as distinct from extramarital adultery, often requiring no repentance.

Our aim at cadz.net is to serve as a source of inspiration and support for those who feel convicted and desire to break free from the bonds of adultery. We aspire to provide en couragement to those who are standing firm in their first marriages and to those who are making the courageous decision to exit adulterous unions. Additionally, we aim to offer comprehensive resources for individuals with questions concerning marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

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